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This page highlights any recent activity in our County. In some cases, what is shared here will be news, other times it may be highlighting a situation that may seem particularly noteworthy are not necessarily "new."

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HUnger in MCPS

Note the circled text. I greatly appreciate Business Leaders Fighting Hunger calling attention to this important fact. However, unfortunately, this situation is not NEW. Since I have been testifying to the General Assembly in 2014, PTA has cited this statistic to emphasize the magnitude of need in Montgomery County. (My testimony is attached at the red link above.)

That was 2014, when 33% of our 151,289 students received FARMS, or 50,000 children. Now it's 2018, and our MCPS enrollment has increased by 10,000 students in 4 years to an incredible 161,546 students. Not only that but the percentage of students receiving FARMS has increased to 35%, or 56,000 children. Despite the best efforts of MCPS, and many organizations (Manna, MDHungerSolutions, No Kid Hungry MD...), not only are we not keeping up with the need we are losing ground.

Now that County businesses have an organization and structure to make it easy to become partners, even more people can make a difference. We are all in this together.

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Board of education Approves
FY19 operating Budget

It's official! Thank you Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education! We have an approved FY19 operating budget. Many thanks to Dr. Smith and his advocacy and county-wide outreach to all that invited him to talk about the budget in detail. This budget also includes a 2-year agreement with Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) and SEIU Local 500. 👏👏 Always seeing things through to the end, Friends of Paul Geller and I were there in spirit via the magic of online streaming. 🙂

HUGE thanks to the MoCo Council and County Executive Leggett for such amazing support of our school system: students, teachers, and staff! A 3.1% increase over last year and the THIRD, I repeat incredulously THIRD!, year of funding over MOE by $18.6M. Why do we need it? Check out the expenses graphic below: enrollment growth, inflation, a new ES and new 8th grade to staff, and salary growth to keep our teachers and staff paid for their dedication and commitment to making sure every student succeeds! #AllMeansAll


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Endorsements and questionnaires

I lost count at 32 questionnaires, surveys, etc that I received as a candidate. I thoroughly and exhaustively completed as many as I could, however, inevitably not every thing could be answered. I had the most difficulty with yes/no questions. I find many things in life are rarely that cut and dry, except perhaps clean or dirty.

Please check out some of my completed questionnaires below and at the links.

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