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Improving education for all and smarter funding of construction projects

Our children deserve the best education.  Every student gets an opportunity to achieve in each grade only once.  That is why we need MCPS to be in tip top shape.  I will continue to work with our Board of Education and MCPS to ensure our children are ready for the real world.  We need quality training and ongoing support for our teachers.  The construction bidding process should be opened to all interested parties, and building design should be straightforward to rein in costs.



FOR Education

  • High school graduates ready for LIFE in community.
  • Support education and related programs for ages 0 to preK through K-12 and college.
  • Know and work well with all players: Dr. Smith, senior MCPS staff, Board of Education, Council Council, and State Delegation.

BAsed on What I Have already done

  • In-depth experience creating and advocating for fully funded MCPS budgets.
  • Brought $108M/yr in MCPS operating funds from County Council over 2 years to continue in perpetuity.
  • Brought $18M in MCPS capital funding back from Annapolis.
  • Know and work well with all players: Dr. Smith, senior MCPS staff, Board of Education, Council Council, and State Delegation.
  • Testified in Annapolis for Casino gambling revenue to education: lockbox amendment on ballot to ensure that money goes into Education Trust Fund. #FixTheFund


Opportunity for all

Montgomery County is a land of opportunity.  We need to build and expand on this by including everyone at the table: from the thrice-degreed executive to the entry-level service employee.  We can do more to enhance economic, educational, and housing opportunities.




What I Will Do

      FOR Opportunity

      • More affordable housing for families, seniors, teachers, and first responders through partnerships with property owners and developers.
      • Workforce and career changing education through business partnerships, Montgomery College, and MCPS.
      • Economic self-sufficiency and advancement for individuals. Getting local and small businesses into new development. Enabling small businesses to grow.
      • Save capital funds on school facilities through “refresh” projects, open bidding, and more reasonable design.

      BAsed on What I Have already done

      • Was a member of MCPS FACT Committee that scored and ranked schools for replacement, or "rev/ex."
      • Worked to scrap the FACT scores to include consideration of capacity and address several capital improvements at once while "saving the bones" of buildings to reduce cost.


      Enhancing livability

      We have a great county.  To make it even better, we need to address key issues such as affordable housing (especially for teachers, public safety personnel, and seniors), enhanced transportation, and greater infrastructure improvements.  New development should work for us.  We should plan carefully and holistically and respect the past.  Safety and quality of life are key.  I will build on my track record of success by working with our localities, county, and state agencies to be a Councilmember proactive in service to the community.





      FOR Livability

      • Real-time traffic signal timing to keep roads moving. Signals and street markings to protect pedestrians and bikes.
      • Get data on where and when people want to travel before investing more in existing mass transit. Survey all commuters not just those employed by County businesses.Use crowd-sourced buses to pilot new bus routes/options before infrastructure investment.
      • New, creative ideas to bring green to urban areas with limited open space.
      • Work with state agencies to maintain and improve water and air quality.
      • Work with HOAs and condo boards on composting, recycling, and energy-saving initiatives.

        BAsed on What I Have already done

        • Successfully worked with Planning Board and County Council on 2017 Subdivision Staging Policy revision for school infrastructure: increased capital funding, better enrollment projections by housing type, and protect individual schools against unchecked development.
        • As part of an ad-hoc committee, designed a park in the City of Gaithersburg within budget and secured $400K state bond funding towards its completion.